Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hi Blog, can you believe it, I am blogging this message not through a web interface but rather through an application I have written for desktops. You just start this application and send messages to blogs for post immediately.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I just realised my blog is really ugly and am going to make some effort in sprucing up the design a bit. Afterall, I used to be a webmaster ok!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Lack of updates.. and a view on life..

Dear Blog Readers

I'm horrendously sorry for the lack of updates. Really, I am. While a ton of excuses would never suffice to explain my inability to blog, I must thank those of you who expressed 'desire' at wanting to read my load of trash. This next entry, I guarantee you, is far from trash. In fact, its the most precious piece of sharing I hold dear and personal until now. Well, since my last update sometime back in March, things have changed both on the work front as well as to my personal life.


A couple of months back I took up a job offer with a US-based MNC to head up a new division which they formed and am currently overseeing their Asian operations. It certainly gave me a rejuvenated vote of confidence in my abilities as well as reaffirmed a belief I have always held on fast to.


I am a grand total of 24 years and 5 months old as of writing, not exactly young, neither am I old. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, let alone even a spoon. As far back as memory serves me, we had to rent a tiny room where a happy family squeezed in every night but lived blissfully as Dad worked day jobs and studied to better himself at night, while Mum was trained to start training others (ok la she's a teacher, and still is very much passionately). I never knew what it was like to be rewarded for something good, until Primary 1, when we were doing better enough to finally afford a proper rooftop over our heads. This was when Dad completed postgraduate studies and through hard work managed to start getting promoted. Then a proper car came along, the type which had fascinatingly automatic windows and never leaked water on me whenever it rained. Things were looking up, I could feel it, but one thing I never understood was whenever I asked Dad what was it he worked so hard for, the answer would always come back as "For you all, just do your part and work hard". Back then the reply from me was also "oh ok.." although I didnt understand why I said that.

Primary school...

I always dreaded that column in school report books which demanded Parents Signature in bold, giving a menacing feeling whenever I gulped and presented it to Dad. Mum would never want to sign it as that would be tantamount to endorsing my laziness. Never a bright student, I so thankfully completed PSLE with better-than-expected grades and scraped into EM1 through God's immensely endless grace. This was the first time ever I was truly rewarded for something which resulted from my hard work, but I was also presented with words of 'wisdom' - "You should be working harder!". I never understood what that meant, let alone realise the importance of believing in one's self and the power of determination.

Secondary school...

Oh boy those were really fun-filled days. I joined a whole lot of ECAs, even got myself into some kind of funny leadership group which was core to executing the school's annual orientation camp for freshies. School competitions, national teams, you name it I've been in it. Then the reality struck. I played hard, and now was the time to think hard. Grades weren't as fantastic comparatively towards primary school results. But out of the entire experience, I realised what was core to where my interests and passions were. Without that, I would be absolutely nothing today. Of course God was still ever faithful to me, I was only referring to absolutely nothing in the eyes of the world.

Post-Secondary / JC...

The tough decision had to be made. I knew that I could never excel in life if I were to end up in JC, as my interests were in totall different areas. Why on earth did I have to study History, Mathematics C and Economics when that had absolutely nothing to do with what I aspired to be? Simple, parental decision. I was deemed to be still too immature in thinking, with my mind clouded with passions which could never turn into reality. The way forward seemed to be in excelling well in studies and through some magic repeat what I had achieved in Primary school. I was, afterall, in the top 10% of students in the country. Finally giving into my endless whinings during family dinners, my parents decided to allow me to pursue a course of study for Diploma in Computer Studies on condition that I still continued mugging for 'A' levels. The end result was rather surprising not just to family, but me. For the subjects which I mugged so hard for in the 'A' levels, day and night, tuition after tuition, extra lessons after lessons, I ended up just scraping through the education system. On contrary, I excelled in every single subject with clear distinctions in the computer course. And mind you - these two courses of study were pursued concurrently - I attended JC classes during the day, then hurried off after extra lessons to attend night classes, just in order to pursue my tiny little dream. No weekday passed with me reaching home before 11pm and setting off the next day at 6:30am sharp. With whatever little scrimps of time I had, you would find me reading a computer book, tearing through heaps of Pascal code, debugging programs for friends, and fighting with Dad for the limited 60 hours per month of 14.4kbps Internet access we had.

It (finally) paid off...

I realised I was not just one of the youngest students to have completed the Diploma program and 'A' levels in Singapore, but among the top few cohort in the world. Yes, I was gleaming with whatever ray I could borrow from the sunshine when the news broke. You see, tradition has never brought me up to believe that such things are possible. It always seems like a distant fairy tale to hear that a relative has excelled in a certain area, I have cousins who are made up of scholars, doctors, lawyers, you name it and its in the family. But the joy I felt within myself back then was simply beyond that which any words could describe. I finally understood what Dad meant when he told me "You should be working harder" back then. Because when you work hard, you believe in yourself, and never give up. If you believe in yourself, and trust in God to set the path right for you, He will likewise guide you accordingly. There is no need to fear about uncertainty, the unknown future or even the impending difficulties facing you. Just be strong, keep your chin up when the going gets tough, persevere, strive even harder, don't look back, always (and I say ALWAYS) believe in yourself and put your whole trust in God.

A pattern of recurring events...

Since then, I have never looked back. Why? Because I am firmly rooted in the belief that although I may not be among the brightest of minds out there, it is through God's wisdom that I have excelled in every aspect of work. We may choose different paths in life, but I did not have to worry about what to do, how to do it, where to begin, all was set forth and presented right before me. Just believe in myself and follow the Lord's leading. I really like this song in the Youth Hymnal which goes like "Shepherd of my soul, I give you Full Control, wherever You may lead, I will follow" as this really made up a great part of my life since the last days of school right up until this moment I am writing this. And I am sure that no matter what situation we are in, continue trusting. Never cease to pray. He will never forsake you.

What the future holds...

Nobody can possibly predict the future. But I know one thing is for sure. And I believe after reading up till this point, you should know what that is too. After putting in much hard work, I am richly blessed with a great job, ever-caring parents, adorable younger brother. What more could I ask for? Truly, there is nothing more I would desire anymore besides serving the Lord with a pure heart. At a fine young age of 24, I have a great job which pays more than 10 times what my peers are getting after they graduate (some dont even hit that tier), possess a self-built-from-zero net worth more than any one my age could dream of, am invited to speak at events held half way across the world, etc and quite a few other perks which I cannot think of. Isnt all this God's enormous outpouring of blessing on me? I cannot but agree wholeheartedly.

At this point in time, you may think that I am just being boastful just because i've got it good coming. No. I believe there are others out there in this vast world who are more capable and more successful than me. But I am here to tell you one thing. Never stop believing. Never stop trusting. Always put your trust in God. I am a living testimony of this, although there are many times which I fall short and get entangled in sin, He has never once given up on me. He knows my situation yet continues to shower heaps of blessing over and over again. My friends often observe what a workaholic I am and I often reply saying "The day after I stop working is the day I will die", not true I realised, in fact "The day I stop believing in the Lord is the day I will die" - both physically and spiritually. I do have friends who are so aimless and lost to the extent that they just do not know what to do with their lives, I really do have such friends, and all I can do is pray for them. So many times throughout the years have I encountered youths who are dejected, lost, afraid of tomorrow, escaping reality, and I really truly do not know how to help them. All I can do is share with them a glimpse of hope based on my struggle.

Nowadays you can simply head on to google and search for the words "get rich quick", "become a millionaire" or even "earn big bucks". I guarantee you will end up being made to purchase some e-book or subscription or worse still end up in an online scam. The hard reality here is, there is no other book in the world that is going to ensure you everlasting success (you already know which Book I am going to recommend). MLM schemes will tell you of perpetual get-rich-quick plans which end up making you pay them first. Money will run out over time, but faith is something which will follow you for life.

Dear friend/visitor/reader/whoever-you-are, I hope this sharing does not come across to you as a piece of self praise. If indeed that was the idea you got, I am truly sorry, and would rather retract what I have said here. The sole intention of sharing this insight into my experience is that I want to tell all of you out there who are lost and helpless to continue believing. Continue trusting. Simple faith is all that is required. You need to firstly begin trusting in yourself and in God, then purpose in your heart with such an unwavering promise that you will work hard for what you believe in (the right things of course). The rest is clockwork.

I do sincerely thank you for reading through my longest ever blog entry, but sincerely hope that you have gained a bit of faith in my little sharing. It is certainly with much hesitation that I decided to make such details public, as most of my closer friends would know I am a highly secretive person when it comes to such things. On the other hand - Neither am I am goody holy guy, believe me, you have to trust me on this, those of you who know me well enough would be the first to jump at such a sharing. Indeed, I am far from holy, let alone innocent, probably evil as I would admit. But with whatever bit of conscience I have left within me, I cannot possibly live with myself having known and experienced the immense grace that God is constantly bestowing upon me, yet choose not to pen this down. (even my dog knows how to thank me when I give her a bone, if I did not know how to give God proper due thanks, I would be worse than a dog).

Questions? I am always an email away.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I just realised Tien looks like Jiesi!

Ok I know this sounds kinda sick... ok, not sick, but weird.. but I was looking through some of the photos from Boy's wedding in Bangkok last month and realised that Tien actually looks quite like Jiesi!

See the likeness, here we go..

Don't judge life by one difficult season..

This was sent out by KS and I felt its quite interesting to observe different parts of our lives, the ups and downs, along with everything else.

Lessons on Life

There was a man who had four sons. He wanted his sons to learn not to judge things too quickly. So he sent them each on a quest, in turn, to go and look at a pear tree that was a great distance

The first son went in the winter, the second in the spring, the third in summer and the youngest son in the fall. When they had all gone and come back, he called them together to describe what they had seen.

The first son said that the tree was ugly, bent, and twisted.

The second son said no it was covered with green buds and full of promise.

The third son disagreed; he said it was laden with blossoms that smelled so sweet and looked so beautiful, it was the most graceful thing he had ever seen.

The last son disagreed with all of them; he said it was ripe and drooping with fruit, full of life and fulfillment.

The man then explained to his sons that they were all right, because they had each seen but only one season in the tree's life.

He told them that you cannot judge a tree, or a person, by only one season, and that the essence of who they are and the pleasure, joy, and love that come from that life can only be measured at the end, when all the seasons are up.

If you give up when it's winter, you will miss the promise of your spring, the beauty of your summer, fulfillment of your fall.

Moral lessons:
  1. Don't let the pain of one season destroy the joy of all the rest.
  2. Don't judge life by one difficult season.
  3. Persevere through the difficult patches and better times are sure to come some time or later.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

24 ways to classify women in computer terms

Here are 24 different female computer terms. I got it from a German site which was then later translated into English. Reader discretion highly advised!

  1. The internet woman: You need to pay for access.
  2. The server woman: She’s always busy when you need her.
  3. The Windows woman: You know she has a lot of mistakes but you can’t live without her.
  4. The Powerpoint woman: She’s ideal to present to other people at parties.
  5. The Excel woman: She’s said to be capable of quite alot but you only use the four basic functionalities.
  6. The Word woman: She manages to surprise time and again but no one really understands her.
  7. The DOS woman: Everybody had her, but no one wants her now.
  8. The back-up woman: You think she’s got it all but when look closely you see she misses something.
  9. The Scandisk woman: You know she only wants your best, nobody knows what she really can do but to be deadly honest: She’s just annoying.
  10. The screensaver woman: She’s useless but you like looking at her.
  11. The harddrive woman: She remembers anything at any time of day.
  12. The e-mail woman: 9 out of 10 things she tells you are complete bullshit.
  13. The virus woman: When you expect it the least she’s going to install herself to your house. When you try to deinstall you’ll have to find lots of things missing. If you don’t try to deinstall you loose it all.
  14. The Firefox woman: Better than your Ex but she still likes to crash every once in a while.
  15. The Linux woman: You need to spend a lot of time to get anything from her. If you make small mistakes you loose it all.
  16. The bruteforce woman: She just keeps babbeling at you until you say she’s right.
  17. The DDOS woman: She just keeps babbeling at you until you have a nervous breakdown.
  18. The ZIP woman: Upon unpacking she reveals her true body weight :)
  19. The USB drive woman: Just an affair.
  20. The TFT woman: A bit flat yetfulfilling its duties as well as any other.
  21. The webcam woman: You feel watched by her, even if she’s off or sleeping.
  22. The Top-Game woman: First you know her from pictures only and want her at any cost - but once you have her she’s lying around somewhere getting dusty.
  23. The “Duke Nukem 4ever” woman: Nope, she doesn’t exist.
  24. The mouse woman: (non optical) When her underside gets nasty you don’t want to play with her any more.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Gospel Meeting 4th March 2006

In a rather strange move as seen by some, I actually attended Gospel Meeting.. something which I had not done in quite some time. Even a couple of saints (no I shant mention names like JiaRong and Wicky) were pleasantly surprised at my decision to "return to meeting hall after dinner for gospel meeting".

JiaRong: You this type of pattern also will go for gospel meeting meh???
Caleb: Shut up.
Wicky: (Surprised Look on face) WAH! How come all of a sudden go?
Caleb: Enough of it.
JiaRong: Hahahahahahaha
Caleb: Nvm... Lets go dinner!

Well the evening's turnout was rather good, despite the fact that I had not been attending gospel meetings since work began piling up and my frequent travels. Brother Peter even asked me after everything ended "So, I havent seen you for some time". My answer was an interesting "Oh yes, I have been travelling in and out".

Come to Me...
and I will Give you Rest

This was the theme of this month's gospel meeting printed on the leaflet which we handed out to gospel friends. I was indeed very moved upon seeing so many friends standing up to acknowledge they want to receive Christ into their lives!

Joachim was speaking and Joseph translated for him. Then all of a sudden I asked myself this question, why made me want to go for the gospel meeting in the first place? First thing which came to my mind was that I knew the message would be 'interesting'. Now by interesting I do not mean entertaining or hilarious, but rather, something which I would be able to gain something from. A couple of days back, Kai Seong mentioned to me "Do you know Joachim is speaking on this saturday's gospel meeting" and while I acknowledged something in me made me want to go.

Only after the meeting that I realised I actually wanted to attend the gospel meeting because it would be 'interesting'. Come on lets face it, with all due respect to the other speakers, many a time gospel meetings can be rather boring, unengaging or simply out of point. It then becomes a blatent rattling on of words which we have all heard (pardon me again) upteen times. HOWEVER, if phrased and worded correctly, the speaker can actually turn the same basic message of truth and love so poured out for us into a wonderful message which not only touches our invited guests but also at the same time revive the hearts of many believers who have quietened down over the years. We all need some time to draw closer to the Lord; this doesnt happen over night, but key to this is the beginning.

I praise the Lord again for his wonderful work in bringing so many gospel friends for the night's meeting and continue to pray that there will be many more to come.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Boy's Wedding 26th February 2006

I flew in to Bangkok over the weekend to attend Boy's wedding and was pleasantly surprised that many of the Thai saints actually remembered me from last year's North-East visiting trip. Muay (Boy's wife) is also from the Church in Mahachai and I was really happy to see them building up each other. It certainly was heart warming to know that you are remembered, and they spared no expense to ensure I was comfortable - this I am very grateful. I was there from the 24th to 27th February 2006 and as much as I would have loved to stay longer, work beckoned.

A picture speaks a thousand words, so let me just get on to the pictures.

In the morning, we had a wedding thanksgiving session at meeting hall where saints, friends, family members alike were invited to witness the signing of marriage certificates. After which, we proceeded on for a super-duper-sumptuous meal prepared.

One final goodbye cheer before we head out of meeting hall in preparation for dinner in the evening.

"Taildaters" on MTV

In a rather surprising twist of events, I actually tuned into MTV to check out what was going on. For those of you who know me well enough, I am quite a loud voice when it comes to smalltalk about the "MTV Generation". Firstly, while I believe music videos are quite cool to watch in order to de-stress, I never once supported being glued to the screen while being mindblasted by endless pop culture propaganda about whats hip and happening. Secondly, I think this entire thing is overhyped. I mean seriously, what intellectual benefits do you get out of watching a series of moving pictures with background music playing.

Contrary to my common practice, yes, while waiting for an overseas call, I tuned in a while ago and caught this program screening on MTV called "Taildaters" which screened from 2AM to 2:30AM.

This program is about setting people up on dates while they can be viewed by your friends and/or relatives who are in a moving trailer that follows you wherever you go. Your friends then text you on a communicator device asking certain questions like "Are you feeling the link with him/her?" and after replying, your date's friends would then text your date to tell them your opinion. It sounds kind of dumb to begin with, but watching what people do to each other on dates (ESPECIALLY with their friends watching on) is somewhat humorous :)

I actually don't even know why I am posting this in the first place but it seems to me that people are getting into weirder.. and weirder.. and weirder.. (ok you get the idea) and weirder methods of dating. Helpful? I doubt so. Me believes they are more into it for the fun of things thats all.

.. and I just got back from Bangkok a couple of days ago, next post coming in a while shall be some pictures from my recent trip.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Shopping for Love (in Singapore)


OK now boys and girls, here's a short update for today.

I saw this article on today's The New Paper but in my haste to get out of the NEL station (cos there was a BIG CHIOBU in front!!!) I simply just junked it into the bin.. what a waste of good stuff..

Here is a story about a lady who went to this new shopping center along downtown Orchard which only sells one thing - the sign outside reads "HUSBANDS FOR SALE" and outside stood a young dashing hunk (not as dashing as me though haha) who shouted slogans to the tune of "Ladies, shop for a husband here" & "We have 7 floors full of eligible guys to choose from!"

The lady thought to herself... "Finally, I get to choose a husband of GOOD STANDARD. Fine, ill do my shopping here!"

Upon entering the shop, she was presented with a whole entire juicy row of guys behind a glass panel. In front of the glass wall stood a sign "WE ARE A PROGRESSIVE ESTABLISHMENT. THE HIGHER UP YOU GO, THE BETTER THE QUALITY" & "1st Floor - Husbands who have at least an 'A' level"

The lady felt that those guys on the 1st floor were too lowly educated and decided to proceed on to the second. The only condition, as explained by the kind attendant was that once you have went up one level, you cannot go down. Lady thought to herself, why not, since she had nothing to lose anyways.

2nd Floor signboard said
"Husbands who have at least a Masters degree"

Lady proceeded on further...

3rd Floor signboard said
"Husbands with a Masters degree who cook for you"

Lady was surprised and wanted to get more, seeing how the quality indeed progressed as she went up..

4th Floor signboard said
"Husbands with a Masters degree, cook for you and will take care of the kids"

Oh boy, Lady was beaming from ear to ear by now. But she wanted more, afterall, there were 7 floors in total. She thought to herself, why shortchange herself when she could get the best deal out there. So she went trudging along..

5th Floor
"Husbands with a Masters degree, cook for you, take care of the kids, well built AND ARE ROMANTIC!"

Lady was so happy that the word "happy" itself couldnt describe her ecstacy. Wait a minute. There are 2 more floors out there. Lady knew she would not want to settle for second best. Afterall, she herself was educated and in the peak of her career. Second best would not suffice.

6th Floor
"Husbands with a Masters degree, cook for you, take care of the kids, are romantic, and listen to your every unreasonable demand"

WOOHOOO! Lady was over the moon, exactly what she wanted! Alas, the draw of the 7th floor was simply irresistible. Lady purposed within herself that she would want the best of the best, took out her newly commissioned Visa Platinum card from her Prada bag and waved it frantically to the attendant who was waiting at the 7th floor rooftop reception for her "Hey you! Missy! I want a husband from the 7th floor!"

7th Floor

THERE WAS NOBODY HERE. The attendant simply referred her to the computer sitting in front of her... "Ma'am please leave your contact details in this database as one of the 3,543,925 other women who have left theirs. We will contact you once a suitable candidate has been found. In the meantime, thank you for your patronage. Here is the lift which will send you directly to our store's entrance."


So whats the morale of the story? ;) Ladies, treasure what you have now. Getting second or third best isnt such a bad idea, really.

P.S. I know V-Day was just a couple of days back and this may seem like a strange untimely post, but the answer is NO, I didnt get dumped by anybody. Cheers.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Thailand North East Visit - December 2005

This is the way we ate for most meals in Thailand's North East. I went visiting the rural churches along with the saints from Bangkok & Mahachai. The experience was simply FANTASTIC! Shall blog more about this trip in later posts.

October 2005 USA Trip - First Week

I was in the USA for the most part of October 2005, both on work and then the remaining time spent to visit. Was just sorting out some of the photos earlier on and did some thinking back... so I decided to blog it down to share my experiences with everybody.

Well the story goes like this. I had two major work-related tasks to accomplish on the trip, first was to setup a series of machinery in our Los Angeles facility for expansion purposes, and secondly I was invited to give two speeches (well one tutorial speech and another keynote) at a conference in Anaheim. We never did visit Disneyland though we were literally just a few steps away, due to the hectic conference schedule and lotsa interesting discussions going on, I decided to do what I do best - Being A Geek :)

Week 1

I arrived at LAX after one of the longest flights in my life, yet was surprisingly refreshed. The new A345 Leadership certainly lived up to the buzz it built up for being one of the best "Executive Economy" package. Indeed, I was kept so occupied during the flight that 15 hours whiffed past like a normal work day. Managed to catch a few winks of sleep but then I decided to make use of time and brush up on my German with the inflight simulator. BTW I'm continuing on German from where I stopped in primary school... gee i should have just finished it there and then :)

I never like Customs.... this isnt an exception...

The first encounter at Customs was quite hair raising. I had actually written two different addresses where I will be staying in the USA into the immigration form and was promptly greeted with a bark by the customs official "Where aboust are you going???"... I squealed a tiny "Los Angeles.." reply which was quickly blasted back by "BUT YOU STATED FOUNTAIN VALLEY IN THIS FORM, WHATS UP WITH THAT?". For the next 15 mins I had to stand in front of the officer (who btw was comfortably rooted to his chair) and explained that I would be visiting different places in the USA, how I am planning a mix of hotel stays and visits, road trips, staying over at friends' places, etc. FINALLY, he decided to let me off. I pulled my checked baggage from the carousel and headed straight to hail a cab.

The Cab Driver..

I had many interesting encounters with cab drivers on this trip, but the first was rather boring. Hopped onto the cab, "G'day sir, how're you doing today? I need to get to the Wilshire Grand, do you know the way?". The reply was a "No problemo, get you there in a jiffy." That was a relief, I thought things would be going on fine for once.. but i spoke too soon... our dear friend apparently was the very talkative type... wait.. talkative complain king type more like it. You know those taxi drivers in Singapore who always like to complain about why NTUC raised the price of toilet paper by 1 and a half cent type of thing? Yes, this is exactly what I got.

The Hotel..

For the first 3 nights, I stayed at the Wilshire Grand Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. LAPD was just across the road, and every night without fail I would hear the cops at work dutifuly. Now the hotel experience was generally good, they actually gave me a room with 2 beds (DONT ASK ME WHY, I MYSELF DONT KNOW TOO), a nice big living room, two toilets (Guess again...), a big couch & HUGE walk in cabinets. Now I know some girls would simply love the walkin cabinets, why? because even I liked it haha.. General look of furnishings was more towards the OLD side.. but I think they renovated my room considering it was on the executive level. A very nice feature I felt at-home with was that the lifts were security locked to only allow those with cardkey access to my floor to get in.

Picture of one of the toilets, with mirrored closet doors.

The living room... in my bedroom :)

Talk about home offices.. I had literally everything needed to run a SOHO on that table... Laptop, Phone, Data port, wireless LAN, cellphone (2 in fact), headset, VoIP adapter and the TV remote :) Ok the remote was for "recreational purposes". One must know when to take breaks, right?

So you would think that my experience at the hotel was generally good? NOT.

I was in for a shock the next day. Being the usual late morning type of person, I only left myself half an hour transport time between the hotel and workplace for meeting in the morning. So when the alarm rang, I jumped into work mode and went down to concierge.

Concierge: "Gooooood morning, how may I help you?"
Me: "Gooooood morning to you, you're looking good today! (It was the same helpful guy who helped me with all my bags the previous day). Could you kindly notify the limo that I'm ready to get on the road?"
Concierge: "Sure, I'll check with front desk."

After 10 minutes of waiting and frantically checking the time...

Concierge: "I'm sorry Sir, we did not receive a request from your company to get a limo booked for your transportation"
Me: "Are you sure?"
Concierge: "Positive"
Me: "Where's your manager.."

Manager: "I'm sorry sir, your company management has to sign to authorise the transport. We do not have this on file at the moment."
Me: "I AM the management"
Manager: (looking at me sheepishly) "You're kiddin me... come on..."
Me: "You can check, I am from room XXXX booking made by my company, I was the one who signed the approval on the paperwork to even approve the booking!"
Manager: (with the sheepish look again) "Righttttt..... but I still can't help you."

Fine. I decided that this conversation wasnt getting anywhere and time wasnt on my side either. Considering the fact that workplace was only 5 streets across, I decided to walk for it -which wasnt such a bad idea afterall.... Korean Airlines stewardesses alighting at the front of the lobby ;)

I did make a mental note of the manager's name and purposed within myself to shoot a really long email at the end of the day BUT then again reality set in.... there really wasnt a need to make a mountain out of a molehill although it was obviously a problem with them. Suddenly, I felt a silent joy within myself, you know, the type of i-knew-i-could-have-made-my-point-but-chose-to-forgive feeling deep inside. At times we get so mad at even the tiniest of things when they obviously dont go along the lines of how we plan them out to be. Therein lies the challenge. Some people call it being HUM (singlish phrase for cowardice) but take a step back and think again. My violent actions could have cost somebody along the line their job or a potential end of year bonus which they would so badly need. Trust me, the hotel sales manager was lobbying hard to get our annual contract to put employees there everytime we travelled on business.

Feeling quite sour and "disturbed" about my earlier decision to let things go (i'm human afterall) I headed for the Executive Floor Lounge and to my surprise met somebody who brightened up my day... well night to be exact... The lounge waiter was actually packing up for the night (I had arrived 5 mins after closing time) yet upon seeing me walking in with dull face, walked up, introduced himself and asked to serve some food. He promptly brewed me a SUPER-DUPER-REFRESHING mix of Starbucks coffee! We spent the next half an hour chatting about things like getting around Los Angeles, which places to visit, even how to get cheaper rates at that same hotel in future haha... I had made a new friend on the first day, his name was Francisco. See, I dont just remember names of females unlike what Hanwei always assumes ;)

I would love to continue blogging about my first couple of days, but they were generally uneventful. Adding to that, I shall spare you the anguish of trying to understand my work technicalities :)

Next post shall be on events for the following week..

Monday, February 06, 2006

How to travel around the world for less... headache & money...

I was preparing my flight itinerary for next month this afternoon, the usual scouring through Zuji, Travelocity, SQ website, etc comparing prices and finding flight availabilities and chanced upon this very useful tool. This is called the StarAlliance Mileage Calculator and is VERY useful if you fly frequently on any StarAlliance carrier. Basically what I did was to key in my destinations, intended flight timings and the calculator planned out all available flights for me! It even plans out the total mileage you will earn on the entire flight, thus saving me at least 2 hours worth of searching on the Internet.

Now another thing I found out is that it is quite significantly cheaper for you to make two return trips instead of one round the world trip. For example, my recent booking required me to travel outbound from Singapore first to the USA, then Canada, and finally Germany before heading back, all this supposed to be completed within a span of a month and a half. (Yes I do miss home if I am overseas for too long).

What most people would do is to plan one way trips beginning with the originating country, stop by the required destinations along the way, and finally end up back in Singapore after travelling 'around the world'.

A typical route travel map would be as follows:


What I did notice was I could also make two separate travels, one from Singapore to the USA and Canada, then returning back to Singapore. The Germany trip would then begin a couple of days after that comprising of a return leg to Frankfurt.

Surprisingly, flying this way had the following plus-points:
  • Less costly!
  • less baggage required on each flight
  • MORE mileage! Yeah! :D
  • More time with family in between trips

An interesting find..

I was just rummaging through Dad's old laptop (which he had so graciously gave to me) and found this picture. Apparently it was used for one of his management training workshops, and I paused to think for a while.

How true!

Indeed it only takes a few seconds to hurt the people you love, but that hurt takes years to heal - if it ever does. So all the more we should be careful about the words we use, the emotions we express as well as the thoughts we try to convey. Everything little thing adds up and I believe nobody would like a good relationship to be soured till the point that it takes years to mend. Posted by Picasa

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What This Blog Is & Is Not

Qn: Whats up with this new blogging thing altogether?
Ans: Earlier on today I was looking through my collection of photos from travels, visitings, friends, just about everything I took in the last 3 years and it does seem like quite a big collection. As I was browsing through, remiscing the good ole times, something struck me - there're actually a lot of friends whom I have lost contact with, as well as many others who want to know whats going on with me lately.

Qn: So you decided to start a blog purely because of this?
Ans: Well yes, kind of, erm.. ok I think I'm just bored :)

Qn: How often will you update this?
Ans: Politically correct answer- as soon as I can. Not so politically correct answer- when I feel like it.

Qn: (From my dearest cousins) Ohhhh I know already, you are going to post pictures of your girlfriend up to show all of us right?
Ans: What nonsensen... nothing of the sort... what pictures? what girlfriend? nilch..

Qn: (From Brownie) Does this mean you'll spend less time with me everyday? You're already so busy with work... (looks at me with sad eyes)...
Ans: No my dear I promise to still walk you................ whenever I have the time. Meanwhile, Piggy can fill in for me.

Qn: So what makes you think you are qualified to start a blog?
Ans: Because I got an 'A' for my GP and I am full of crap. What better thing to do than blog right?

Qn: Will you post pictures?
Ans: Yes

Qn: Will you post audio?
Ans: Yes

Qn: Will you post more pictures?
Ans: Yes, whats your point???????

Qn: You know... there are lurkers and blog-hunters who arent very friendly nowadays...
Ans: Yeah I know that, and unfortunately some of my professed 'friends' are too. But then again, what to do? If people like my face so much that they want to save it into their computer, what can I do right? Having said that, I would LOVE to post up pictures of my travels and stuff like that wherever possible. On last count, I had close to 8GB of photos in my portable USB :)

Qn: Can I have your autograph?
Ans: Sure, that would cost you only $1.99 each, buy 5 and get 1 free :)

Qn: What do you work as?
Ans: Something to do with what you are looking at now.

Qn: Are you enjoying it?
Ans: OH YES!

Qn: Why?
Ans: The working time schedule is flexible & I end up having more time to serve. Now this is the most important reason.

Qn: When are you ever serious?
Ans: Most of the time la...

Qn: Are you evil?
Ans: Yes I am. For the faint hearted, dont read on. Parental discretion is highly advised (YAH RIGHT WHOEVER READS A BLOG WITH THEIR PARENTS NOWADAYS)

Qn: So you are going to be the next big thing on blogging?
Ans: I dont think so.

Qn: But why?????
Ans: Cos I want to shop in peace, have a decent meal downtown without getting noticed, not being jerked about for an autograph when I travel, having peeps take pictures of me using their camera phones, and the list goes on...

Qn: Im already bored of you...
Ans: Good. This isnt meant to be entertaining, informative rather.

Qn: Do you have a girlfriend?
Ans: No..... HEY I thought I have already answered that earlier on, is it a trick question? Stop asking!

Qn: Why dont you?
Ans: Cos I know the right one when I see it.... her i mean...

Qn: (Cousins say out loud) You're just picky la!
Ans: So? Cannot ah?

Qn: I'm beginning to like you ;)
Ans: Dont kid me. I've barely began blogging.

More questions? Ask away! :P

Hellow World

What a nice day (night actually) to say Hello Everybody! Guess what, I just broke my 3 year tradition of staying away from blogs. Why? I dont really know too, but thanks in most part to the overseas saints who have always been concerned about whats going-on with me. :D

Hip hip! hurray!